davidd (davidd) wrote,

S N O I T S E U Q _ S D R A W K C A B

Gnu, it gave me fits
When it came up in Google hits
Because it didn't rhyme with Oriel
(Which worked with equatorial)
Hence oriole as a guess, but
It didn't match the song. What
In heaven was she thinking?
My confidence was sinking.
It just had to be the gnu
And then, in fact, she left a clue,
She said, "hey you, it's true, the gnu
got stuffed. Forget the birds, they flew."

So gnu I knew; and Ouagadougou,
But with the middle, what to do?
St. Mary's has a rowing crew... wait!
Which St. Mary's?
There's two!
There's "old," that's Oriel; and there's "new!"
Thus progressed my train of thought.
It took some time -- not "some," a lot!
Now, finally, this puzzle's through:
it's gnu, and new, and Ouagadougou!

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