davidd (davidd) wrote,

Late Nite With Dave

Here it is, ten minutes 'til eleven at night, and I'm just starting to type up a 700+ word "classroom observation and reflection" assignment that's due tomorrow. Why do I put these things off until the last minute? It's like some kind of sick personal sabotage; perhaps I was a flagellent in a previous incarnation -- which would indicate that all that flagellation was in vain, wouldn't it?

I just finished typing up... no, that's not accurate; I just finished researching, writing, and electronically submitting the first part of my "teacher work sample." The "work sample" is an on-going 9-part project that will stretch into December.

I also pounded out two weeks' worth of lesson plans this afternoon; our first university supervisor student teaching observation is coming up on Friday, and they want to see lesson plans. So now I have lesson plans, lots of boring math lesson plans... with one groovy Pirate Day lesson plan tossed in there... aargh!

In theory, at 50 words per minute, I should be able to finish up this paper in 20 minutes. That's if I could think as quickly as I can type. We'll see -- I'll update in an hour and let you know how things are going.

Y'know, when I started this program, way back when, there was one other guy in the classes with me. He, too, would procrastinate until the last moment, and then we'd commiserate via email while working late into the night right before the assignments were due. He dropped out of the program several months ago for family reasons, and now I'm pretty much on my own in these last-minute late-night write-a-thons. The other people in my learning team are all far more organized, dedicated, and focused than am I. I like them all, and they will all make fine teachers... but they're all so serious! Bordering on stodgy, even.

In other words, they're the ones you'll want teaching your kids. 'Cuz my students will come swaggering home bellowing like pirates.

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