davidd (davidd) wrote,

Quick Observation

In unexpected ways the trip to Spain was enlightening. I have always heard and read that Europeans are more cultured, are better educated, have better manners, and are basically superior in every way to the loud, obnoxious, ignorant Americans. Maybe it's the American influence on the world, but in Spain I found that almost all of the European tourists were as dumb and obnoxious as Americans. They cheat on the rental car gas, they don't flush the toilets, they're pushy and rude, they're completely flummoxed by the rail and metro systems, and they're gullible enough to pay two dollars for a cracker-sized piece of bread with an inch-long piece of bacon stuck to it with a toothpick.

Oh, wait. We did that last thing too. In fact, one of us* ate SEVEN of the two-dollar breads with bacon on them. I guess that makes us as sophisticated and cultured as the most discerning European traveler. Or maybe we'd had too many of those high-class cans of Estrella beer on La Ramblas.
*(no, it wasn't me -- not when McD's had a "euro menu")

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