davidd (davidd) wrote,

Clean Cut

This is just great. Some nut-case teacher, a guy, is claiming to be the JonBenet Ramsay murderer.

This is really gonna help MY case when I start applying for jobs here in a few months.

Here's a note to school administrators in charge of hiring: LOOK AT THE GUY'S HAIR! HE'S "CLEAN CUT!"

The guy has short, neatly trimmed hair -- so he MUST be a great guy, huh? Other than, like, having a thing for pre-teen girls and a propensity for killing people. Come to think, every one of those 9/11 hijackers had nice, short haircuts. So did Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber.

Isn't it time to give the "hair trimmed above the collar" thing a rest?

Just hire the hippie guy. He won't kill your kids, and he knows how to place an apostrophe.

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