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Box O' Blues

I guess there was a reason why it took me a number of months to open up that big box from B&H Photo. I originally planned to "reward" myself with the nifty new camera I'd been coveting if I passed the PRAXIS exams. I passed them all on the first try, before having taken any of the "education" courses -- kinda sez something about the difficulty level of those PRAXIS tests, huh? I ordered the camera gear after passing the exams, and after getting well-started in the teacher certification program. When the Big Box arrived, I was in the midst of a challenging course. I told myself I would have to finish the class before opening the box. You see, I know my weaknesses, at least to a point.

I finished that class and started another, which also proved challenging. And then another. I was, of course, working at the time, having to create lessons, grade papers, and otherwise keep a bunch of rowdy 8th graders in line. So, remaining cognizant of my propensity for distraction, I put off opening the Box.

Finally, after my recent completion of MAT 561, the course I'd been dreading the most, the course known for "washing people out" of the program... I passed that class with an "A," by the way; and other than having to read a couple of paragraphs that included the assigned summary questions for one of the weeks, I was once again able to skate through without referring to the class text. Maybe I'm not getting as much out of these classes as I could be, although my assignment scores would indicate otherwise.

Alas, I am not a "straight A" student, having received a "B" in one of the classes for turning in a late assignment -- my fault, I slacked off while traveling to the mainland. The instructor actually apologized for the grade reduction -- which was mandatory under school rules when final assignments are late -- and I think having an actual note (via email, but still) from the instructor telling me directly that my work is "A" quality is almost better than having the grade posted. I have two or three "A-minus" grades as well -- (an "A" without the brown-nosing credit, according to higher education experts) -- for an overall GPA of 3.84. One of my fellow students has straight As... okay, she has one "A less the brown-nose factor" as well... but she deserves it. She works far harder than I do, and she's going to be a much better teacher. If I were a parent I'd want my kid to be in her class; if I were a kid, I'd want to be in her class.

Didn't I start out talking about cameras? Okay, so, I finally opened up the Big Box last week... and I've been kind of depressed ever since.

Why? asks nobody, for that's pretty much who reads all this stuff. Which is fine; in this case, for example, I'm mostly typing just to "decompress" after completing a paper for my current class. I have SEVEN assignments, all long ones, due for this class next week. Isn't that a bit extreme? Let me answer for you: yes.

The neighbor with the excellent surround-sound system just started playing Dean Martin music. I wish they'd turn it up a little bit. The surf is really loud tonight... as it tears away the little remaining sand and undercuts the trees in the front yard... so it's kind of hard to appreciate the subtleties of Dino's crooning.

I'm sitting outside on the lanai (deck) as I type this. It's become quite dark, but the tiki lights are glowing... except for the one that's burned out... along with the ticky-tacky Xmas lights along the railing, the surf is crashing, Dino is crooning, I'm done with my stuff for tonight -- so even though I'm typing a mini-rant, I really have nothing to complain about at the moment.Tiki Lights

I wonder if I can take a photo of the tiki lights with the Canon? Let's see: kinda, I guess.

During my photo-taking experiments, Dino passed the torch to the Chairman of the Board, and the volume was cranked up. Cool.

I opened up the Big Box several days ago, and I've been somewhat depressed ever since. Why? Because I don't have enough time to devote to my new toy! Er, I mean, to my important and vital new tool for creative expression and documentation. All I want to do is read camera manuals, read photography books, try taking some pictures, and peruse Flickr.com forums. Instead, I have to, like, work, and, perhaps more importantly right now, complete school assignments. I'm finding myself a bit bummed because I don't have enough time to fritter away snapping pictures and reading about how to snap pictures.

Isn't that just dumb? I mean, schoolwork, that'll get me a job, a career, a stable income; shouldn't that be my number one priority? Work means money, which means food and paying bills, and maybe buying more gadgets, so shouldn't that be a fairly high priority? I suppose I am making those things the priority, which in turn is causing me, in my irrationality, to become morose because I don't have enough time to play.

Oh well, I'll find a balance. And I'll get my stuff done -- I always seem to, at least so far. I'm definitely reaching a burnout point with this school stuff, especially as I look upon the seven pending assignments. Hey, but once those are done, I'm done for two weeks... and off to Spain, and La Tomatina! (Which is part of the reason I need to learn how to use the new camera competently. Maybe I should just take the Cybershot...?)

'Nuff said! Excelsior!

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