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I have found a movie that equals Spielberg's travesty treatment of War of the Worlds. That movie would be: the 2005 remake of King Kong. I believe I can limit my review to about four words: Tedious. Artificial. Poorly edited.

I'm two hours into the film at this point. The giant leeches just attacked. If you have a desire to see giant leeches, then see Attack of the Giant Leeches. At least it has Yvette Vickers in it.

I expected to like this movie. I liked the early trailer I saw last year. And, hey, it opened with Al Jolson on the ssoundtrack! The decline, however, was swift. What happened to my favorite line... or what would have been my favorite line had it been retained in the film? In the trailer the crew is on the island and they hear a roar in the distance. "What was that?" asks one of them. "I don't know. Let's find out," says Denham. "And bring the camera." But, the scene disappeared from the actual film.

Even Jack Black as Cark Denham couldn't save this turkey. I thought he turned in an acceptable performance. But the guy with the hawk nose grew tiresome very quickly. In fact, other than Jack, the film has, at the two hour mark, killed off the only characters I found interestng. So... I'm done.

Eject disc

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