davidd (davidd) wrote,

According to CNN today, a majority of Americans are "sympathetic to Israel" in the Israel-Lebanon conflict, and a majority of Americans support sending U.S. troops into Lebanon.

In response, about all I can say is: Dear America: you are a bunch of baby killers, just like they said back in 'Nam. You make me sick. You are stupid, and in that regard, let me quote someone who speaks the "language of the people," someone whom you might be able to understand, TV comedian Ron White: "You can't fix stupid."

... then again, there could be hope...

Again according to CNN, over sixty percent of Americans, regardless of political alignment, support restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba.

Maybe all that CNN coverage makes a difference. Dead kids in Lebanon, who cares; but halter-topped teenage hotties partying in the streets -- yeah, we should liason with that!

Babe diplomacy. Let's appoint Beyoncé as Secretary of State and "Banzai Girl" Jinky Coronado as Secretary of Defense.
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