June 26th, 2015


Camera and Lens Comparison

Yesterday I briefly tried out the new Fujifilm Finepix S1 I recently acquired as a potential substitute for lugging around and fussing with changing heavy, expensive DSLR lenses.

Here's a quick camera comparison of "macro" subjects, similar photos snapped at the same time with four different cameras:

CANON EOS 7D DSLR with CANON 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens
(Lens is opened up to f/1.2 to maximize the "soft background" effect)

FUJIFILM FINEPIX S1 (Compact "bridge" camera with 50x telephoto range)

PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-TS5 (Weather-resistant Point-n-Shoot)

CANON POWERSHOT D20 (Weather-resistant Point-n-Shoot)

I took a number of different shots of various subjects at various distances, primarily comparing the Canon EOS 7D with the new arrival, the FujiFilm FinePix S1. After looking at the results, as well as evaluating the "usability" of each camera, I decided to try to sell the DSLR lenses (50mm f/1.2 and 135mm f/2.0) via eBay. I will keep the DSLR camera and the wide-angle 10-22mm Canon lens. The wide angle lens is what I keep on the camera most of the time as my "general purpose" lens. I find it useful for interiors and for expansive landscape panoramas. The zoom lens on the FujiFilm S1 is amazing. Yes, I'm sure the absolute image quality is not quite as high as that of the DSLR with the high-end lenses, but I rarely shoot at extreme telephoto anyway. The high-end telephoto lenses for a Canon DSLR cost thousands of dollars.

Here's what the FujiFilm FinePix S1 can do; this navigation buoy is a mile offshore! It's barely visible from the beach to the unaided eye:

I'll feel a little bit sad selling my "good glass." Realistically, though, I'll almost never use it again. And for those times I want to achieve the "dreamy soft focus" effect... I'm keeping my original version Lensbaby cheap plastic lens for the Canon!