June 2nd, 2015


Typical Message: F#ckbuddy request from Joyann

Even though my email address is supposedly hidden and not available, each time I post to LiveJournal I receive an influx of email messages like this one:

He֚j my p٘ussy f#c͗ker ...
i'm wi̟l̾d i̯n the bedٞroٚom and want to show u my skillz.ָ. r u look֮ing for a friend with benefits?.
My ni̗ckname is Joyan͜n ..
Mֻy a̤ccounֲt iͭs ḧere: http://Joyannhmc.GirlsForFree.ru
TA֫LK S0͗0N!

This was never the case before SixApart sold LJ to the Russian conglomerate.