February 28th, 2015


Just Checking In

Just checking in to see if LiveJournal is still here. Maybe it's a February thing. I see that my last update here was in February a year ago (2014).

I note some changes. I can select whether I want to view the Cyrillic or non-Cyrillic version. I can select which of the war-ravaged, corruption-plagued former Soviet states I want to feature most prominently in the Promoted Posts.

There's something called "tokens," apparently some kind of "gamification" of LJ posting.

I just want to effing cry. I hate this site now.

Just Checking In Pt. II

Looking thru my LJ "friends" list, I note that there was a significant exodus from the site back in 2012. Most of the people on my list had stopped regular posting long before that.

Zannah and SjonSvenson and Ivy_Rat still post almost daily (altho' Zannah's posts are via a feed from VoxMachina). LilRonGal continues to post regularly. So not everybody is gone.

I have forgotten how to add LJ user links to the names.