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November 7th, 2012

Election Prediction Fail

My presidential election prediction, that President Obama would win by a larger margin in both the popular and the electoral votes over Governor Romney, proved inaccurate. While President Obama was the victor in yesterday's election, the margin in the popular vote was within one or two percentage points out of over 100-million votes cast. The margin in the electoral votes was larger, but still much less than the margin in electoral votes four years ago.

I was correct in predicting the winner. I was also correct in my self-assessment that I'm not very good at making predictions in these matters.

One of my online friends who lives in Europe predicted the results more accurately than did I.

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    We just discussed and set up schedules for on/off work till the end of May.
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    If you run out you can use newspaper (soak it and the dry it)

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