May 15th, 2012


Photo Use Update: 15 May 2012

Recent Flickr photo appearances:

DumbLittleMan: 5 Reasons to Keep a Journal

Imagine Your Space: Ready to Get Organized (Drawer of Doom)

Coches Curiosos (I think it says "hearse full of juveniles")

Now I can add German lunatic to my resume.

Wow! What a gorgeous photo of the North Station in Valencia on this Japanese travel site! Hey, wait... that's my photo!

The ever-popular coffee beans photo makes an appearance on the Japan version of LifeHacker.

Trippy sneaks into a post on the List Producer site.

Speaking of lists, these photo post lists aren't complete without a scale photo.

And last but definitely not least: a Spanish article about mortgage loan guarantors features a bloodthirsty vampire ripping the heads off of Pinky-Street girls.