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September 5th, 2011

Not Getting Much Done

I'm still feeling the lingering lethargy of a cold, so my energy level is lower than usual. After loafing away much of the morning, and failing at a nap attempt, I tried to clear off my desk... as I've tried many times before.

The effort was somewhat successful. I'm typing from the desktop... or on a laptop on a desktop (hee hee!) at the moment. Still, the desk space isn't as empty as I'd hoped it would be. It looked pretty good until I put the computer here... which necessitated a power cord. Then I moved the external hard drive to the desk. The hard drive requires a power cord and a USB cable. There's a cable to connect a printer, and a cable to connect external speakers. There's a cord to connect the digital camera, and a cord to charge the iPod. The "clear" desk is now inundated by wires.

I find computer cables unsightly and ultimately depressing. What's the point of having a "mobile" computer when it requires so many cables and wires and cords to keep it running and functional?

The external hard drive, by LaCie, is hyped in the advertisements for its sleek design. Yeah, well, it's a black box with a blue light, which is kind of cool, but it has a bunch of ugly wires sticking out of it and snaking across the tabletop, which kind of undermines the whole "clean & simple" design concept.

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