August 14th, 2011


The Perfect Summary

Forum member Bohemian presented the following Theory of Decluttering at

And here you guys thought that site was only about little dolls!

1. Stuff cannot be organized if it's clumped together and piled up as messes usually are. Therefore it must be spread out, thus increasing the surface area of the mess.

2. Messy spaces are usually messy because things are out of place. In order to return things to their proper places, other spaces must be accessed, thus increasing the scope of the mess.

3. The peripheral spaces accessed during cleanup of the primary mess must often be cleaned themselves in order to accommodate objects removed from the primary mess. The primary mess begins a chain reaction, causing contact with and address of secondary etc. messes, thus increasing overall mess in all possible ways.

4. Mess size varies directly with time; time varies indirectly with productivity. The larger the mess becomes, the longer it takes to clean; the longer it takes to clean, the less productive cleaning efforts become. This also means that as time approaches , productivity approaches 0 and mess size approaches . (In other words: the longer a mess sits around, the harder it is to clean AND the bigger it gets. So I'm afraid my theory isn't likely to get you out of cleaning your room!)