March 31st, 2010


Bottom of the Food Chain

All of the teachers at our school are being sent to a literacy training on April 15.

"All teachers" does not, of course, include special sducation teachers.

Most special ed teachers are licensed as both general education teachers AND special education teachers. If credentials mean anything, you might say special ed teachers are twice as smart, or at least twice as educated, as regular ed teachers.

Most special ed teachers seem to have master's degrees as well, at least where I work.

But credentials don't mean anything. Despite all those fancy framed pieces of paper, in the end we're only special ed teachers.

We're being "asked" to fill in as substitutes on 15 April while the real teachers are away.


If Bush had pushed for more nuke plants, there would have been outrage.

If Bush had approved more offshore oil exploration and drilling, there would have been an apoplectic frenzy of rage.

Somehow, if Obama pushes these things through... it's all okay.

Those wars are still going on, by the way. Oh, but that's because Bush started them. Same with the bank bailouts.

Democrat president, democrats control house & senate... and we get more nuke plants, offshore drilling, TWO wars, bailouts of the financial sector, and a law forcing us to buy all-inclusive health insurance (abortions not included) from private insurance companies. Oh, and the Patriot (domestic spying) Act was renewed.

"But... are you saying you'd rather have Bush in there... Or McCain & Palin?!" There ya go, I just saved you some typing. No need to reply.