February 20th, 2010


BEER BLOG: Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company Black Widow Oatmeal Stout

How can I write a beer review without pita chips or peanuts? I mean, c’mon! You’d think, in this house full of crap, there’d be some stinking peanuts around! There are almonds, even snooty dark chocolate covered ones from, ooh la la, Trader Joe’s, but peanuts? There are various forms of potato-like chips, in variously colored “individual serving” bags, sealed inside even bigger bags – I swear, there’s more plastic than there is potato in those stupid chip bags. All that stuff they tried to teach my generation about saving the Earth and recycling and conserving resources and not throwing trash out the car window at wandering Indians apparently didn’t resonate with the kids who grew up to run potato chip factories. Considering the amount of packaging that surrounds even the simplest of foods or snacks today – since when did Lifesavers candies start being individually wrapped?! – I’d hate to be an Indian standing alongside the interstate these days.

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