August 22nd, 2009


But What Do I Know?

Based only upon the TV or internet trailers I have seen:

The visual effects for District 9 look like something put together on a Commodore Amiga. Not to fault the Amiga; it was a stunning piece of hardware... twenty years ago! The rest of the film looks about as fast-paced and riveting as another twenty-years ago "epic," the made-for-television post-apocalyptic drama, The Day After.

What's with all the hype around Cameron's new Avatar? It looks like... a video game. The motion isn't realistically fluid, and the animations don't have mass. The live-action segments remind me of digitally enhanced versions of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Maybe people are excited about this stuff because it's bringing video game imagery to the big screen somehow legitimizes their world view.

Maybe I watched too much TV as a kid, so nothing really excites me anymore. Maybe I'm just a product of a bygone generation. To me, though, Captain Kirk fighting the Gorn looks more "real" than anything in the D-9 or Avatar trailers. If Avatar is truly "the future of movies</i>, then I won't be seeing many movies in the future.