February 5th, 2009


Tweets for Today

  • 20:13 asks: tweetdeck, twhirl, txt -- by tweeting from "web," I'm kind of labeling myself as a dinosaur, aren't I? #
  • 20:25 tried to install twhirl last nite. Part of the Adobe file was corrupted. I'm thinkin' it just won't work on my 3 yr old computer. :-( #
  • 20:27 Gah! My home internet is SLOW SLOW SLOW tonight! Flickr grinds away before loading, Plurk & Twitter are sluggish, email is dodgy. Meh.... #
  • 22:43 has emails from LAST MAY cluttering up his email inbox. Just haven't gotten around to deleting 'em. Howzat for sheer laziness? G'nite y'all! #
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