January 1st, 2009


Quotable Quotes

I saw this quote on a website today, and found it quite amusing:

“I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.”
- Lily Tomlin

It's MEME TIME! 45Things: When 43 Just Ain't Enough!

My friend Damonicus, who still lives back in beautiful Springfield, Oregon, sent me this email meme to complete. Sadly, Damoniac isn’t cool enough to have a LiveJournal, being one of those trendy sorts who prefers FaceBook; thus, because I’m such a swell friend, I shall humiliate the poor sap in absentia by posting his responses here in my LJ.

No wonder why I have so few real-world friends!

At some point, I may follow through with my own responses, which won’t be nearly as entertaining as those from Damon-in-the-rough.

If anyone knows any nice, intelligent, reasonably attractive girls / women between 25 and “39” with no kids, a sense of humor, and a tolerance for bad puns and Godzilla movies, who might be interested in a non-drinking, non-smoking, never married, college-educated, extremely talkative guy with a stable job and no felony convictions or disfiguring scars, e- me with contact info (or FaceBook page info) and I’ll pass it along. No “hot young Russian girls looking for love” need apply.

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