December 5th, 2008


What is the point? Seriously, what is the f*cking point of even trying?

Earlier this year the local telephone company, Hawaiian Telcom, hired... and no, I am not making this up... the former CEO of ENRON as the new CEO of Hawaiian Tel.

This week Hawaiian Telcom filed bankruptcy.

Why try anymore? The lowest, most vile, most greedy, most out-and-out evil scumbags on the face of the earth reap the greatest rewards, while people who are good, honest, and hard-working are forced, by law or by economics, to subsidize the wealthy parasites.

Each night, as I head off to bed, I find myself hoping that I will not wake up in the morning.

I am out of words for the rage I am feeling.

Mystery Planet

Some time ago, probably 18 months or more, a NASA education outreach person visited our school and demonstrated an activity to the staff during a faculty meeting which he called "Mystery Planet." It's a simple activity designed to help students develop observation and inference skills, consisting of, basically, a bag of dirt, a pair of tweezers, and a magnifying glass (known in school science texts as a "hand lens"). Perhaps I over-simplify: the bag of dirt is more like a bag of aquarium gravel-sized bits of... dirt. The objective is to examine the "soil sample," categorize the contents (sort by size, color, texture, or whatever criteria the student decides to use), and make an inference as to the environment of the Mystery Planet. Collapse )