November 26th, 2008


Secret of the Incas Poster

Secret of the Incas Movie Poster

Usually when junk like this arrives in the mail, often as a result of beer + eBay, I stash it away in quiet shame and vow to strive for better control over my compulsive materialistic impulses. This original 1954-issue one-sheet poster is so cool, however, and such a perfect addition to the decor of the Tiki Room (aka The Room of Doom™), that I immediately (as in, the day after receiving it) whisked the poster down to the local Frames-R-Us chain (Pictures Plus, actually) to have it dry-mounted and framed.

I'm having the frame done in kind of a dark, heavy "distressed" bamboo-ish design. Previously I've had movie posters framed in narrower frames-that-movie-poster-collectors-use, and they look pretty good, but I wanted something more "exotic" for this one. I selected UV resistant anti-glare plexiglas for this one. Previously I've requested UV resistant plexi, but not the anti-glare, because the anti-glare has a bit of a frosted appearance. I haven't been entirely happy, however, with... well, with the glare, so I'm trying out the anti-glare plexi this time.

I'm also committing a horrible sin in having this poster framed. First, I'm having it dry-mounted to a foam-core backing. Second, and even worse... I'm having it cropped! In order to fit on a black foam-core backer, the poster needs to be cropped 5/8-inch in height.

But you know what? It doesn't really matter! The poster is in "B" condition, according to the eBay poster dealer. The top edge is kind of tatty anyway. There are some paper tape repairs on the back which would show through if the poster were mounted on white foam-core. And I bought it because I want to display it, not because I expect it to increase in value. It's not like I paid a whole lot of money for it, anyway. Since there was a bit too much white space at the top of the image for my taste, I'm not going to agonize over the travesty of chopping a 50 year old movie poster to fit a cheap piece of backing material.

Okay, maybe I'm going to agonize over it a little bit. But only a little bit.

It's supposed to be done in about a week. I'll keep you... posted!