November 8th, 2008


Old Home

My grandparents' old home is for sale. I lived in the upstairs apartment for a few years after my grandfather passed away while I was going to college.

Other than the new paint, the exterior looks about the same as it always has. Apparently the house was being used as an office when the interior photos were taken. Still, the layout has not been changed. the kitchen cabinets have been replaced, although it's not much different than it was as far as layout goes. The fireplace is identical to the way it always was.

The description indicates two baths. Originally there was only one. I wonder where they put the second one? I imagine it is in the upstairs apartment.

The photo of the back interior stairway... well, that was where I lived, up those stairs.

Not a bad price, really. My mother sold the house for $45,000 about nine years ago, after my grandmother passed away. It needed a lot of work, including an entirely new foundation.

It appears that the original garage, which was a separate building, is still standing behind the house. I'm happy to see that.

Does this listing summon enough nostalgia to make me consider moving back to Springfield, Oregon?


But it's a nice house.

Two Canon Lenses Compared: Can You Tell the Difference?

One of these photos was taken with a high-end Canon 24-70mm "L" series lens costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The other photo was taken with a plastic Canon 28-80mm "kit" lens I purchased on eBay, along with a 35mm film camera body, for... and no, I am not making this up... forty cents!

Which is which? (Click through to the full-size version at Flickr if you like; but no fair peeking at the EXIF data!)



NOTE: the light shifted a bit due to cloudy skies. I will have to try this experiment again under more consistent conditions.