November 4th, 2008


It Ain't Right

I'm sorry, but this Electoral College concept is seriously WRONG!!!

Why can we have "proportional representation" in the Electoral College?

As it stands right now, out of seven-million votes, Obama and McCain are separated by on 20,000. That's, like, 0.3%. Yet, Obama has 102 electoral votes to McCain's 54.

It's not right when three-tenths of a precent of the popular vote translates to 50% in the electoral vote.

Like I don't feel disenfranchised enough already.

The system was put in place two-hundred years ago, before communication or transportation infrastructure had been invented. It's obsolete. We don't need it.

I want my vote to count. I want your vote to count. I want each vote to matter.

As it stands, only one vote matters: the one that tips your state or my state into one column or the other.

You'd think, after the last couple of elections, people would be sick of the Electoral College system.

How can we change it? We can't... because we don't really have a vote!

Even More Messed Up

Now the CNN web site shows McCain with a LEAD in the popular vote, but with only one-third as many electoral votes.

If Obama were ahead in the popular vote but losing in the electoral vote, there would be riots in the streets.

The popular vote shows McCain ahead, but with ONE-FREAKING-THIRD as many electoral votes: 103 to 34.

Looks like Obama is gonna pull a Bush.

And people thought he represented "change."

Change the whole damned elections system, that's what we need.

Big Screen

I want one of those fancy big flat screen TVs.

I mean, it's the least I can do to support the economy.

Accolades for my selflessness will not be necessary.