October 24th, 2008


The Week That Was (Tiring)

I should write about this past week, what with getting punched by a kid and making a parent cry and all, but I'm too apathetic to try to make a re-telling either interesting or entertaining.

In brief:

The punching thing: meh, the kid is a nut-case, I knew it was gonna happen at some point; he got suspended for two days, and by the time his initially upset mom left after our meeting she was smiling and chuckling. And, after over three years of this, she's finally starting to conclude that perhaps her psycho-boy might benefit from medical assistance.

The crying thing: our school is experimenting with "student-led conferences" this quarter. What with my insightful understanding into the minds of remedial nine-year olds, or perhaps out of laziness, I cleverly decided to have the students video record their presentations using the classroom computers. Several parents expressed considerable delight at the inane digital ramblings of their little munchkins. One nice lady apologetically dabbed tears from her eyes while noting, "that's the most I've ever heard my daughter talk about what she thinks and how she feels! She is so much happier at this school than her previous one!"

The week ain't over. There's a science "thing" downtown tomorrow. I'm staffing our robotics booth, along with some kids. It's gonna be a long day.

Remind me to pick up some beer on the way home.