June 13th, 2008


eBay Idiocy

Over the past several years I have purchased a (*cough*) fair number of items via eBay, and have had very few difficulties with eBay sellers... until now!

In the past two weeks, I have had four issues with eBay sellers. Apparently eBay's new policies have driven away the competent sellers and left the dregs. My recent experiences leave me wary of conducting further transactions through eBay.

1. Purchased two new shirts (Willis & Geiger) using Buy-It-Now. The listing noted that three items were available, and I used the Buy-It-Now feature to purchase two of them. I received a parcel containing one shirt. At $70 per shirt, this was disturbing. I contacted the seller, who eventually refunded the money for one of the shirts along with a terse apology for the oversight.

2. Purchased Gillette Mach 3 razor blades in bulk on 21 May. The listing promises fast shipping. I received an email from the seller a couple of days ago (9 June) indicating the parcel had been returned for incorrect address. The seller claimed he would resend the parcel and issue a $10 refund for the inconvenience. Neither the parcel nor the refund have been forthcoming.

3. Received notice from a Canadian seller (transaction date: 27 May) that the parcel had been rejected by Customs due to an improperly completed customs form. "This may have been an error on my part," noted the seller. Like, ya think, hose-head? No more Canadian transactions for me.

4. Received an email yesterday (12 June) indicating that the seller of an item purchased on 25 May had "misplaced the item" and will ship it as soon as it is found.

In over 140 eBay buying transactions over the course of several years, I have never had issues like this arise until these past few weeks. Perhaps it's merely coincidence. Perhaps, too, I should look to learn from this. It is a sign from the universe that I should curb my insane desire to acquire things!

I need those stoopid razor blades, though. In theory they're way cheaper to buy through eBay than anywhere else... but only if they show up!

Stress? Why?

I had two peculiar dreams last night. Not particularly interesting dreams, but rather, the kind of dreams that leave me wondering what it is that's bothering me. Collapse )

Author Entree

One of the few efficient aspects of the Hawaii state government is the library system -- the entire state library system is available on one on-line database, and materials from any of the state libraries can be requested at no charge for delivery to the closest library for pick-up.

As I am on summer break, I have decided that, among several other objectives, I would like to read a certain number of books. My arbitrarily selected goal is twelve, or about two a week. On Saturday I logged on to the on-line library system to search for books by My Favorite Author. I have chosen to do this in the interests of trying to be less... or more... oh, what the hell... I want to get to figure out why people (meaning, of course, chicks) think this guy is all that and a side of fries. I perused the on-line catalog and requested several of his books.

Immediately thereafter I stepped outside, where my neighbor greeted me in the driveway with the exclamation, "NEIL WAS EATEN BY A DOG!"

I have no idea what my expression looked like at that point, but the neighbor interpreted it to mean I hadn't understood, so he repeated, "A DOG ATE NEIL!"

"Uhmm..." I responded slowly. Granted, a slow "uhmmm..." is my usual response in conversational settings, but in this case the "uhmm..." was slower than normal as my brain struggled to process this unexpected information. I mean, you'd think I would have seen a headline on the internet or something. "Uhmmm... when?" I finally came up with.

"This morning! A dog broke into his cage, grabbed him, and dragged him off!"

At this point the confusion began to clear. "Oh," I said, "Neil. You mean, one of the rabbits?"

The neighbor has, or had, two rabbits in a ramshackle hutch behind his house. I knew one of them was named Peppy. I didn't know the other rabbit was called Neil.

So Neil was eaten by a dog. But not That Neil.

Don't It Just Figure....

Yesterday I went on a bit of a spending spree, ordering a Nike+ unit to track my running. Yes, that would be the running I haven't been doing lately. Of course, using a Nike+ system requires an iPod Nano, unless you choose to use the new Nike Sportband. I, of course, selected the more expensive iPod option. Collapse )


I believe the construction phase of the porch steps project is done. I just finished painting a coat of primer over the whole thing. I have to admit, the (almost) completed project looks... pretty shoddy. Collapse )

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"Braaaaiiiinnnnssss..." they moaned. "Braaaa-iiii-nnnn-ssss...." they howled. BRRRAAAAAAIIIINNNSSSS!!! Staggering from the old plantation cemetery and fanning out across town, they devoured everyone and everything in their path, cracking open skulls just like in that monkey scene from Faces of Death.

Yet I survive, unscathed.

I rather take that as an insult, actually.

The Brainless that Wouldn't Die

I had nearly forgotten. I wish I'd forgotten. Somehow, in a moment of weakness, I volunteered to assist a neighbor tomorrow on a demolition/renovation project. A project which keeps growing. "I'm taking next week off," he told me gleefully yesterday afternoon. "We'll put in new drywall, new flooring, cabinets, recessed lighting... and tile!"

If I only had a brain... either I would not have made the offer of assistance, or the zombies woulda got me. Either way, I'd have come out ahead.