June 8th, 2008


Your Friend, the Tetanus Shot

This "porch steps" project is turning out to be never-ending. Today I finished one more step! How could one step take so many hours? I really don't know! It just... does! Measure, cut, fit, measure, cut, fit, pre-drill, countersink... and the hours slip away. I was hoping to get by without removing the railing. Yeah, right.

I removed the planks from the top of the... stoop... or whatever it's called, and discovered an unexpected "crumbly bit." I have currently reached a point where I can proceed no further without additional supplies. 2X4, 1X6, joist hangers (yes, I'm actually trying to do this project correctly, which might be the right way, but it's also the slow way), and sundry fun stuff. First on the agenda tomorrow: Home Despot!

I scarcely had any time at all today for Plurk! I'm jonesing, baby! (Or maybe it's the sugar and caffeine from five or six Coca-Colas!)