May 24th, 2008



Retrieved the Powerbook today. It is, indeed, equipped with Leopard. And my data, other than what little I have on an external drive, is, indeed, gone.

I will need to set up everything! This means, like, re-install Firefox for starters, and figure out how to reconfigure an email client. It's been a while since I've done that. About all I remember is that it was a pain. I suppose it will be the same as configuring a brand new machine. I don't have a manual or anything for Leopard. I wonder if I can download a quick-start guide or something.

I have lost all my email addresses. That is very discouraging.

The new OS includes Time Machine. I will definitely be using it. Definitely.

I guess I'll have a fun, indoor, sedentary pursuit to keep me occupied this holiday weekend.

Apple Time Capsule

Does anyone here have any experience with Apple Time Capsule? The concept seems cool, but some of the reviews on Amazon are lukewarm.

What is the functional lifespan of something like a wireless hard drive?

How do you protect the data on an external drive against drive failure?

Can you imagine what losing a t-byte of data would be like?