May 23rd, 2008


Now... When Can I Get Down There?

I just received a telephone call from the Apple Store. Or is it The Apple Store? Either way, the guy said my computer has been repaired and is ready for pick-up. Unfortunately, they were not able to recover any of the data from my hard drive.

That kind of sucks. I have backed up most of my photos, but everything else - web addresses, email addresses, saved emails... including from you guys... gone. Software and software updates... gone. This means all those cool software things that I've downloaded (and paid for) off the internet are gone, along with the activation codes which were stored, 'natch, on the hard drive.

Aw, man, what was the name of that nifty plug-in that plays Windoze media in Quicktime? Flickr uploader, Yellowmug bundle, dozens of updates for MS Office, all the junk for my web sites... gah! If I start thinking about it I'll get all depressed. And if I try to remember where I put the discs for MS Office, I might be awake all night.

On the plus side, it just hit me: the guy said they've re-installed Leopard. Like... Leopard... the latest version of OSX! The version Dr. Steve recommended, because of its back-up feature. The version that I didn't have! I was still running... whatever the old one was... Polecat or something. If what the dude said on the phone is true, and if my machine is now sporting stylish Leopard spots, that will at least marginally compensate for the data loss I have incurred.

Next question is: when will I be able to make the drive down to The Apple Store? Lucky me, I get to spend all of tomorrow at a school-related function at a shopping mall. Some people actually, like, live for stuff like this, whereas I wonder if I can get away with sneaking three bottles of Guinness into my lunch cooler. Not. Looking. Forward. To. It.