May 4th, 2008


Have I Mentioned My Car Recently?

If It Ain't Broke....Last weekend, on Saturday, as I was driving home from the PRAXIS text... thank goodness it was while I was driving home... the engine of my car, a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser, began to sputter. This problem first occurred a few weeks ago, at which time the engine actually stalled in traffic. At that time I was able to get it re-started and, with it coughing and bucking, nursed it into a conveniently located Chrysler dealership. One of the staffers on duty suggested cleaning the battery terminals, as a poor electrical connection sometimes affects the performance of the various electronic modules that control engine performance. I cleaned the terminals there in the parking lot, and to my surprise, the car started and ran fine.

For a week or so. Collapse )

Pelycosaurs Revisited

Inspired by pastilla's eighty-six bags of rubbish purged from home and garden, and by the photos of the enormous dumpster she's employed to remove the refuse, I geared myself to face the onerous Room of Doom today.

I didn't get far.

It's not that I lost my resolve. Not completely, anyway. Rather, I was distracted by the Dimetrodons. Collapse )