April 14th, 2008


There But For the Grace....

I had a few parcels to mail out today. Duuuhhh... I totally forgot it was Income Tax Day! I left work too late to make it to my usual small-town post office, so I pulled into the P.O. near work. The line was out the door. I guess my parcels won't be in the mail until at least tomorrow... which is actually the real Income Tax Day... so that means probably Wednesday instead.

I just don't get these people lined up at the post office. I mean, you take a big envelope, you put all your tax papers (and your check) inside, and you stick on three or four stamps.

But... what if it doesn't need three stamps?!

Then... SO WHAT?!! Is it really worth standing in line for an hour to save forty cents? Looking at that line at the post office and seeing all those morons standing there for an hour agonizing over the cost of a stamp or two helped me realize that, pathetic as I am, there are those who have even less of a life than do I.

Sorry 'bout all the Whining

I should post cheerfulier stuff here.

Oh, hey, I got two more compliments about last week's PowerPoint presentation today! One was from a co-worker with whom I don't get along particularly well. No actual animosity or anything, just different "approaches" to the job, so we tend not to travel in the same circles (which means cliques). The other person (an admin "insider") told me the principal was very happy with the presentation, because the NASA Explorer Schools rep was happy with it.

Thanx again to last year's mccloudtour for showing me how a PowerPoint presentation should be done! My efforts certainly aren't on par with those of Team McCloud, but integrating even a bit of the McCloud Method does wonders to jazz up a typical (dull) slide show.

2 B Z

My recent flurry of pointless posts to the contrary, I've been kind of busy since returning from the NSTA conference in Boston. School resumed, we were prepping for the state assessment tests, then administering the state assessment tests. I've had progress reports and IEPs (sorry... teachers have technical jargon too) due, we've had a houseguest (in addition to Trippy), and... y'know, stuff! I haven't yet caught up with my Flickr contacts, or with the backlog on the few web sites I usually track.

I'm kinda-sorta getting caught up at werk, so I'm hoping I'll have time to take care of the important (i.e. fun) stuff shortly!