April 13th, 2008


Stuffs To Do

I can't be dawdling on the internet, I have things to do. If I get on it, I can probably be done in an hour or so. Then I can dawdle on the internet with considerably less guilt.

Stuffs To Do... Ain't Done

Three hours later, and I ain't done with the stuffs I had to do... but not for lack of trying. I need a couple of test scores to enter into a report which are still at work... which should take only a few minutes on Monday to take care of. I need access to a school web site for which I do not have the password... on top of which, I think the data update I updated last week didn't get posted... because the stoopid PC computer in my classroom "burped" as I was posting the update. Slow, balky, filtered internet connections and updating to federal web sites are not a good mix.

It doesn't help that my home computer printer broke down a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a new one, which has arrived, and which is still in the packing box because I don't have the space to unpack it and get it set up. The Room of Doom has once again exploded in exponential fashion. But let's not go there right now.

N E way, I'm as done as I can get with what I needed to get done. At least the absolutely vital on pain of potential legal ramifications part is all hunky-dory now. (SpEd documents have lots of federally mandated deadlines.)