February 4th, 2008


What It Was, Was Football

I've been sick for the past week. Still not recovered, but doing much better than last week. Despite feeling unwell and acting barely coherent, I somehow dragged myself into work every day last week. Probably not a good idea.

During the week, some of the employees were soliciting participation in their Super Bowl pool. I don't follow football particularly closely, and I've never participated in a sports pool; but it's one of those "social things" that felt uncomfortable to avoid. I'm pretty much a non-participant in social stuff at work, but the football pool was being put on by my department, so on the last day I scraped up ten bucks to purchase one 'square' on the chart. I'm not even sure how the game worked (someone explained it to me, but I had such a fever going I could barely see to walk straight let alone follow the payoff procedure). There was a sort of grid, with sixty-some squares, and numbers were assigned to the rows and columns at random after all the squares were "sold." When I went in to claim a square there were only six spots remaining. I picked one and paid my ten bucks, and that was it. My donation to "being one of the gang." Collapse )