December 2nd, 2007


rain again... and global warming warbling

Record high temp for this date at Lihue, Maui, today, so I heard on the radio. Here on Oahu, however, it was cool-ish (for here), with heavy rain in the morning, a brief clearing spell mid-day, and even heavier rain starting in the late afternoon. Grey, windy, rainy, dismal.

At least it's not snowing. Not on Oahu, anyway. Maybe on the Big Island.

I was reading a bit about global warming today. Just to irritate myself, I suppose. Y'see, I'm not entirely convinced. I should say, I'm not entirely convinced that human activity plays a significant role in what might be a natural cycle. More specifically, I'm becoming increasingly skeptical that CO2 emissions are a causative factor in the warming trend. "But scientists say it's true!" Uh huh. "Scientists" also said this was true. Based on those projections, I should be living in an igloo.

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on whose authority?

I received this kind comment on a previous entry yesterday:

"Reading The Amazing Adventures [of Kavalier & Clay]... I too was in need of some dictionary help. Upon Google-ing "Breughelian," this journal was one of the first 5 links."

Me and dblume (see here) be da bomb!

[Actually, that journal entry now rates two of the first five Google links for "Breughelian"... thanks to sjonsvenson's additional commentary!]