October 6th, 2007


Enchanted Tiki Room of Doom

Tiki Room of DoomThe last time I updated my "Create an Enchanted Tiki Room" goal at 43Things was in March 2006 -- 19 months ago! Only today did I make a bit of progress. Well, over the last three days or so, actually.

The problem with working on The Room of Doom is that it is full of boxes of stuff. I hoard stuff. It is a bad thing. I have a compulsive need to try to make myself happy by buying stuff. The net result is the opposite: I am more depressed than ever because of the mounds and heaps of stuff... none of which ever holds its value... and the credit card debt I accrue. My attempts at recouping my expenditures by selling things on eBay have been fruitless lately.

Anyway... Collapse )