May 15th, 2007



In a previous post I suggested I might avoid writing about work. And so I shall, for the most part. Rather, I'll let someone else write about it. I received this email from one of my fellow education graduates. She is being assigned to 6th-grade next year, but this semester she has been teaching kindergarten. She is working at a school located about a mile from mine, within the same "complex," where apparently the administrators are all subject to the same "complex." Collapse )

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I need to, like, set some kind of rule about not posting any comments after, say, 8:00 p.m. or something. It seems like otherwise I write these over-long, inane rambling remarks when I'm tired which seem "clever" at the moment but which I later regret and go dashing back to delete, hoping nobody saw them.

Addition to Note to Self

Adelaide Botanic GardenOne more thing to write about later: my disjointed and unsubstantiated theory as to why The Da Vinci Code became so popular, with a very nebulous connection to the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

What can I say; I like being able to claim that I've been to the Adelaide Botanic Garden! (It ain't Kew, but it's kew-l nonetheless!)