May 10th, 2007



email notification received today:

It's the summer blockbuster premiere you've all been
waiting for.....

Script Frenzy, the month-long scriptwriting adventure
from the people who brought you NaNoWriMo, has
officially arrived at!

Check it out and see if you don't get a burning desire
to dust off your laptop and hammer out a two-hour tale
about star-crossed lovers or renegade space cowboys or
a creeping black ooze.

Writer sign-ups for the June event are already in full
swing, so head over to now
and join in the Frenzy.

See you there!

The Script Frenzy Team

batteries, wires, & bulbs... and daleks (finally)

A "professional" teacher, I'm sure, would type up a complete lesson plan, detailing methods, materials, strategies to appeal to multiple intelligences, and detailed formative and summative assessments.

Whereas a disreputable ne'er-do-well who has no business being in the vicinity of impressionably young minds might scribble six or seven bullet points at the bottom of a piece of scratch paper during a faculty meeting, throw together some plastic baggies filled with bits of wire, a couple of batteries, some rubber bands, and a lightbulb scavanged from a plastic flashlight... and a hastily typed worksheet, of course... Collapse )