February 7th, 2007


The Surge

The fifth U.S. helicopter in less than three weeks was shot down in Iraq today.

How many of their helicopters have we shot down? Oh, wait. They don't use helicopters... and they're still kicking our *sses!

The Marines say they need to replace their outdated helicopters, but don't have the funds.

Uhm... it seems to me that you could buy a lot of helicopters for two billion dollars a week.

How the h*ll can anybody spend two billion dollars a week on anything? How the h*ll can anybody spend two billion dollars a week and not pick up a few dozen helicopters while they're at it?

For a running tally of the cost of the war in Iraq to date, check this out!.

So far, based on a population of 27-million, we've spent over thirteen-thousand dollars per Iraqi trying to kill them all. But they're not all dead yet. That doesn't seem very efficient. If you count only actual officially dead Iraqis, the cost is more like FIVE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS PER DEAD GUY!* That's counting dead girls, too, and dead little kids in their pajamas (Note: don't look at this link -- I did and I'm regretting it).

This whole idea of stirring up a genocidal civil conflict so the Iraqis will kill one another is way too expensive. If Bush -- and our congress and senate, who keep approving the appropriations for this -- want them all dead, why not just nuke 'em?

Better yet: why not just write a check to Dick Cheney and his Halliburton buddies for a trillion dollars and just say we killed 'em?


* Of course, if you go by these numbers, it only costs about half a million dollars to kill an Iraqi. Still, doesn't that seem like kind of a lot?

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The Democrats, who are charge now, refuse to pull funding for this:

More dead kids.
Still more dead kids.
Dead teenage girls.
We support our troops... while they rape and murder young girls.

If anyone can still claim to "support the troops," even while opposing the war, well, if someone ever rapes and murders your family, they're probably just doing it to promote freedom and democracy; it's for your own good, really, so you shouldn't hold it against them.

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The Democrat-controlled Senate can't even pass a non-binding resolution against the war.

By the way, this is one scary guy. Count your lucky stars: we coulda had him instead of Cheney.

Oh, and the minimum wage hike? Yeah, like that was really gonna happen!

(Kinda cool how they can all vote for it, yet, somehow, it still fails! Are these guys good, or what?!)

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I was talking about insects with the third-graders the other day, and this one kid says, "cockroaches are the only thing that will survive a nuclear war."

"Where'd you learn that?" I asked him.

"I read it somewhere. Or saw it on TV."

I was... startled, I guess. It seems that everyone has seen the TV show that says cockroaches will be the only thing to survive a nuclear war.

I saw the show on television when I was maybe eight or nine years old. I don't know what the show was, but it was about nuclear war, and it showed atomic test footage, and it had the thing about the cockroaches.

Almost everyone I've ever met has seen that show. Everyone has seen the TV show about nuclear war that says cockroaches will be the only thing that survives. Nobody really remembers what the show was, the title, or any other details. Just the cockroach part.

Maybe it's not even real, that show. Maybe the cockroach thing is just some kind of subliminal messaging, or mass hypnosis or something. But everybody knows it, everyone learns it at about the same time in their life, but nobody remembers definitely where it came from.

I used to think it was a coincidental, local and generational thing. I mean, we only received three television channels back in the pre-cable days, so most kids were familiar with the same stuff.

Over time I became aware that the cockroach show transcended regional boundaries. It didn't matter where people were from, they'd seen it.

Now I see that it transcends generations too.