January 30th, 2007


Speaking of Anachronisms....

Part of a message from Flickr I received today:

"Thanks for your patience and understanding - and even
bigger thanks for your continued support of Flickr: if
you're reading this, you've been around for a while and
that means a lot to us!"

Sorry, guys, but I don't believe you. My having "been around for a while" doesn't mean jack to you, or you wouldn't be forcing me to sign my online life over to Yahoo to continue participating in Flickr, despite my paid "pro," not to mention "old skool," status.

National and Local

The President's state of the union address reminded me that our government exists to serve the interests of the insurance companies as well as the oil companies. A major portion of the speech essentially detailed the ways his administration plans to hand our money over to the insurance companies, under the guise of providing access to health care. Funds will also be directed into "alternative energy research." I wonder who will benefit from that largesse? Free cash; they won't even have to produce oil to make profits!

On the local level, our beloved governor in Hawaii announced a plan to WAIVE ENVIRONMENTAL RESTRICTIONS AND LAND USE REGULATIONS for developers, AND PROVIDE THEM WITH FINANCIAL SUBSIDIES, to encourage them to build low-income rental properties.

When I'm done here at LJ, I'm popping back over to 43Things to move that "die quietly in my sleep" goal to the top of my list.

Somebody in the Hawaii Attorney General's office recently became suspicious of activity in the state department of human services, the head of which happens to be a "special friend" of the governor. He reported his suspicions of waste and fraud to the federal government office in charge of the human services programs in San Francisco. The feds began an investigation. Word reached the governor, who telephoned... yes, telephoned... her good friend in Washington, D.C., President Bush. The President of the United States contacted the federal agents in San Francisco and ordered them to drop the investigation.

The head of the human services program in Hawaii recently stated in two separate meetings with staff and management of the program that she thinks Disney films are demeaning to women, and she would rather have her young daughter watch pornography than a Disney film.