January 13th, 2007


Time Approximate

According to the last report from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the wave was measureable on Maui and the Big Island, at about 4 inches (0.14 meters).

The interesting part of this is the time of the measurements: 11:26 on Maui. This is roughly an hour earlier than the initial reports indicated for the expected arrival time.

Don't procrastinate unless you know how to swim, I guess.

Still, it's amazing to me that the technology is in place to notify people halfway around the world within minutes after a major earthquake of a potential threat. Within half an hour after I initially heard about it, I was able to contact people who contacted other people who were able to provide me with further, accurate and more detailed information. The Tsunami Warning Center website and NOAA radio also provided prompt and continuous updates.

Local television, while not completely worthless, is annoying for its breathless "pending disaster, we'll keep you posted between commercial breaks, oh boy we hope we get some good footage out of this" approach.

I was glad to have internet access last night. Like with television, 99% of my internet time is probably for "entertainment" (or "time suck"), but during that other 1% it's really a great tool to have available.

Oh, and Civil Defense did their part, too. At 1:00 a.m., half an hour after the expected time had come and nothing had happened and everyone had gone to bed, an emergency vehicle with flashing amber lights and loudspeakers cruised slowly down the streets waking everyone up to warn them to stay off the beaches.

Two tsunami watches within two months. This is getting interesting!