January 8th, 2007


Shadows of the Unconscious

Shades of PassepartoutThis is kind of spooky. The blue figure on the left is an old breakfast cereal premium of the character Passepartout from a 1970s animated cartoon series, Around the World in 80 Days. I've had this thing packed away in a box for a long time, and hadn't even thought about it in a similarly long time.

The figure on the right is a silhouette I cut out of paper a month ago to add to my "Mt. Fuji volcano diorama" to show the students at school. The figure is supposed to represent one of the students, Darby, as she returns home after shopping.

I did not consciously attempt to pattern the cut-out after Passepartout. It was supposed to be Darby with a shopping bag. I didn't even remember having the Passepartout figure until I ran across it last night while housecleaning. Yet, the cut-out almost exactly matches Passepartout, precisely in pose and almost exactly in size.

This is just too weird for me. Coincidence? Subconscious manifestation? I dunno. Strange, though.

I posted this image on Flickr.com last night, prompting P to wryly observe, "I think that's how Kaavya Viswanathan got started."

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