December 21st, 2006


Third Grade: The First Three Weeks


So, what's it like finally having "my own classroom?" I don't know, because it's not "my" classroom. I'm basically a long-term sub for a teacher who is out during second semester on medical leave. She's a very nice woman, she's been very helpful, she even did the end-of-semester report cards for me, and came in to help with standardized testing, and has dropped in a few times for other things... WHY IS SHE ON LEAVE? She has told me that I can change the desk arrangement if I want, and use any of the supplies... but the room is full of her stuff, and I'm only there as a temp, so I can't really make any major changes. Not that there's a lot I would change, but... whatever. The room is okay, the teacher is nice... but it's not my classroom.

The other 3rd grade teachers at XYZ [name changed to protect... me] Elementary are really nice and extremely helpful, as are all the office staff and support staff. They have made me feel welcome and are making a lot of effort to help me fit in and learn to work effectively with the students.

That's the good part.

What's it like working with the students? IT'S THE WORST OF BOTH WORLDS -- Elementary and Secondary!

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nothing to say, but saying something anyway

Firefox is acting peculiar today. It keeps coming up with "server not found" error messages. After several attempts it finally connects.

Of course it could be a problem with the DSL service, rather than with Firefox. Perhaps it will clear up on its own.

Hmmm. That sounded questionable, didn't it? I meant the internet connection.