October 6th, 2006



Got my car back from the shop today. Made three stops on the way home, just to see if it was going to start. So far so good -- but then, it started fine for a week after the starter motor was replaced.

I've read three books in the Artemis Fowl series over the past several days. They're mildly amusing, but not nearly as witty as the jacket blurbs would indicate. I find Lemony Snicket to be more droll and cutting than Mr. Colfer; and I really prefer the absurdist tangents of Philip Ardagh. I shall have to get caught up on the Unfortunate Events series before the release of the final volume, and look up Ardagh's Unlikely Exploits. I suppose I'll take a look at the remaining Fowl tales as well.

Fourth consecutive day of three mile running.

Jasmine K is participating in NaNoWriMo!