October 3rd, 2006


Appropriately enough....

In keeping with the imagery in the NaNoWriMo logo, in addition to signing on as a NaNoWriMo participant, I began a running program today!

Well, okay, "running program" is probably something of an overstatement for what I'm doing.

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It's intersession break, so I should be getting lots of stuff done this week, right? Yeah, right.

Yesterday I went shopping. I needed some "professional" clothes so I can look more, well, "professional" at work. I've been making do with one pair of slacks, which end up looking a little lived-in by the end of the week. Off I went to The Mall to find some slacks.

The shopping went well. I found what I needed, they had the right sizes, and some items were actually on sale. I was finished earlier than I expected, which was good, because I had some things I wanted to get started on at home.

Like that was gonna happen. Yet again, my car wouldn't start. Collapse )