July 30th, 2006


A Little Bit o' Nuthin'

I completed another U of Phoenix class, MAT 561 Action Research. I was kinda sweating this one... altho' not to the point where I actually read the course text or anything... and was quite pleased, and rather surprised, when the grades were posted. A... as in YAY!

I'm taking two more classes now, one of which has a considerable workload, far in excess of what is warranted for a two-credit course, and on par with or even exceeding that of the four-credit MAT 561. With an instructor who, in the introductory section of the syllabus, mentions in his instructor background section that he is "23 years military, Master Sergeant," I shouldn't be surprised. "Give me fifty, soldier!" Uh huh. Appropriately enough, this is a course in "special education." I suppose the workload balances out, though; the other class I'm taking is pretty easy so far.

Check this out: PINKY PENTAX, a website that combines two of my favorite diversions, Pinky:st figures and photography! The site features a wealth of useful links for both Pinky:st collectors and Pentax camera enthusiasts. Alas, I sold all my Pentax film equipment several years ago. Now Pentax releases the über-cool K100d, which accepts the older manual k-mount lenses. There are some great, sharp, clear, and colorful Pinky:st photos on the site. Check out the new Sakura figure! Collapse )

As an appropriate closing to this first entry in a while, I shall leave you with this brilliant quote I ran across just the other day. This remark totally sums up my life at present:

"My procrastination skills leave nothing to be desired but more time."

Okay... I'm checking in with my student teaching cooperating teacher tomorrow, the first day of school at Momilani Elementary; so I shoulda been asleep hours ago, but no, I was sitting here typing this rubbish, and all of a sudden another hour has gone by. It's those procrastination skills, honed to a razor edge!

Done now.