May 26th, 2006


Little Wars: Another Day In the Trenches

'Twas a good day, mostly, after all.

Most of the 8th-grade students at school were attending the 8th-grade end-of-year banquet. Those of us low on the totem pole were assigned study hall duty, to mind those rapscallions who, for various reasons, were not attending the banquet. The most common reason, by the way, was that the banquet cost MONEY and some couldn't afford it, some didn't want to pay it, and some had parents who didn't want to pay it.
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Oh, and...

I received an email from the vice-principal today, "reminding" me that I'll be teaching summer school in June and July. This is a good thing... actually, a great thing... but it was strange to receive a "reminder" about a position I didn't know I'd actually been approved for. Collapse )