October 4th, 2005


Home Security

So, like, I go boppin' out the door yesterday, headed for class in Mililani, and I realize I don't have my car keys. No big deal, except, the car keys are attached to the house keys, and I'd just locked the door behind me. Zounds!

I dunno if the next part is cool, or scary. Y'see, I simply grabbed a ladder -- grabbed is an overstatement as I only had to move it a couple of feet -- climbed up, removed the screen and the panes from a jalousie window, climbed through, reassembled the window from the inside, and grabbed my keys. After popping the screen back on from the outside and moving the ladder, I was on my way again in under five minutes, leaving no sign whatsoever of my non-standard method of entry.


Dropped the PT Cruiser off for an oil change and annual safety inspection. Sixty-five bucks. While I was at it, took my bike in to the bike shop to see if they can fix the shifting problem. Sure they can, for about two-hunnert bucks. *sigh* It's a decent bike, I kinda like it, and something roughly equivalent in a new bike would cost kind of a lot. I guess my "garage sale special" mountain bike will no longer be the screaming deal it was once. But, it'll be fun to ride again when it's fixed. Well, that is if your idea of "fun" is getting all sweaty and dirty and having bugs fly up your nose as you gasp painfully for breath and, you know, groovy stuff like that.

I'm supposed to be finishing up a paper for class that's, like, absolutely due by tomorrow. Can you tell?

Hands of Fate

Saw a couple of movies on DVD over the weekend. National Treasure had some clever dialog, and the sidekick guy was kinda funny. I'd give it two-and-a-half "Hands of Fate."

Team America, a "satire" of sorts using puppets ("marionettes," actually, but I didn't want to double-check the spelling) by those South Park guys, was alternately boring and disgusting. Not disgusting merely for the content, but for the fact that somebody actually put up a lot of money to make that film! Team America warrants a strong four "Hands of Fate."

(Note: the "Hands of Fate" rating system, suggested by Pastilla, is an inverse rating system necessitated by the inability of standard film-rating scales to adequately describe Spielberg's recent travesty, War of the Worlds. Hence, WOTW rates a full five Hands of Fate, an achievement which, arguably, surpasses that of the basis film for the scale, the inimitable Manos. The goal for a film, obviously, is to rate as few Hands of Fate as possible. Offhand (nyuk nyuk) I can't think of any film meriting less than a single Hand of Fate).