August 30th, 2005


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I learned today that I am approved for the Project REACH educational grant. The grant consists of a five-thousand dollar credit toward my school tuition, plus a waiver of resource fees amounting to an additional thousand dollars or so.

The requirement for this grant is to agree to work in an "at need" school for at least three years. The real challenge in this state is finding a school that is not considered "at need." I'll just have to try to remember, a year and a half from now, that if I find myself working at Sunset Beach Elementary, an ocean view campus directly across the street from the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, it's because I have to in order to fulfil the obligations of this federal educational grant.

This grant is not merit-based, obviously; pretty much anybody who applies, and whose fingerprint file doesn't get them sent to Sing Sing -- curious the number of people in Hawaii that little technicality weeds out -- is approved.

The Project REACH program is available in Nevada, Arizona, American Samoa, and Hawaii.

Of course, I still need to pass the certification program.

Easily amused

I must admit I derive some amusement from the fact that a fair amount of the initial research I conduct for my college assignments comes from the 1942 version of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Indeed, I am currently citing a 1903 reference quoted in the 1942 volumes.

It should please all of you someday-to-be parents that your children's teacher will be fully up to date on modern theory and methods!

Well, unless your kid ends up in my class, obviously!

(Hey, did you know that "Day Care" used to be called "Baby Farming!" How cool is that!)


Perhaps it seems callous and frivolous to go on about selfish, egocentric, frivolous bits of overall nothingness when thousands of people are being forced out of their homes by storm-driven floodwaters.

Then again... these people chose to live in a city that is six-and-a-half-feet-below-sea-level! Excuse me, but.... hullo?

My house is six-and-a-half-feet above sea level, which ain't very darned far, and fairly close to a large body of water (Pacific Ocean), and situated in a potential hurricane zone. The thing is, I am aware of this fact. I have to pay humongous FEMA flood insurance premiums because of this... which are going to go WAY FREAKING UP yet again to cover the costs of rebuilding half of the southern United States. It's not an if, but a when, that my house will be seriously damaged or destroyed by the untamed forces of nature. When it happens, though, while it may be nice of y'all to say, "oh, gee, sorry to hear that, hope you're okay," I trust that nobody will spare me too much grief and will simply move along with your own lives. In fact, if people were to say, "y'know, after that Indian Ocean tsunami, I woulda moved," I'd certainly see their point.

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