August 22nd, 2005


(no subject)

I need to finish up an application for a tuition grant. I still have to write a one to two page essay on why I want to teach.

Somehow I don't think "because you get to goof off with kids all day and the pay is okay for a job with weekends off, holidays off, two weeks at Christmas off, and two months in the summer off" is exactly what they're wanting to hear.

I asked Ms. Lee, the vice-principal at my current assignment, for a letter of recommendation to go along with the application. I hate groveling for letters of recommendation. In fact, I nearly dismissed applying for the grant because it required a letter. And I don't think Ms. Lee particularly likes me.

But, you know, five grand....

She actually wrote one, it was in my box after school. I picked it up, but I haven't read it yet.