August 4th, 2005


A Whale of a Tale

Fun in 8th Grade English: part of today's assignment was for each student to list one 'classic' book he or she had never read. We briefly discussed a definition of 'classic', coming up with something along the lines of "old and famous."

Mr. D. (going around the room): Okay, who's next? Name a classic you haven't read.

Boy student (trying to keep a straight face): Uh... Moby Dick.

Entire class erupts in giggles.

Mr. D. (sighing): Okay, yes, that's a classic.

Girl student: Is "Moby Dick" the title or the author?

Entire class is laughing out loud.

Mr. D.: "Moby Dick" is the title. The author was Herman Melville. As you can see, this isn't a book we'll be reading at the intermediate school level because nobody can stop giggling long enough.

Girl student: Mr. D., isn't that book about a... Sperm Whale?

Mr. D.: Ah, so you do know something about the classics!

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