June 16th, 2005



My "fatboy pants," that is, the Levi's 550's, are... well, they're fitting like 501's. According to the scale, I've put on a stone over the last six weeks or so. In the American system of weights and measures, that equates to a lot!

I've got to get out of the house and do something. Right now, having jazzed myself up on a sugary-delightful bowl of Cap'n Crunch, I'm fixing to fix a tall, frosty cup of icy cold Coca-Cola for the hour-long drive down to the PRAXIS exam. And, I'll have the Sexbomb Girls* with me; well, on the radio, anyway.

*5mb .mp3 file


The PRAXIS I (PPST) wasn't too bad. The three part exam took me about two hours twenty minutes (nearly four hours are allowed). The material is pretty basic, covering reading comprehension, basic math, and writing (a multiple choice grammar component and a short essay component).

I took the computerized version, which indicates scores immediately on the first two sections. The writing section is sent away for scoring. I would have been extremely irritated had I not passed, as the material is not difficult. I can't find any indication of what constitutes a "good" score, only minimum passing scores. If you're comparing, my scores on the first two sections were 185 and 187.


As a "reward" for getting the PRAXIS I out of the way, and as an incentive to work off a couple of stone this summer, I purchased a canoe paddle. I don't have an outrigger yet, but I do have a sit-on-top style kayak, which will work for now. The canoe style paddle will provide more of an upper body workout than the standard double-ended kayak paddle. Plus, it looks cool, and I've wanted one for several years.